Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Be Yourself - and Let Others Know Who You Are

Email has been around for some time. Do you remember the 90's (in the previous century of course!)? When e-mail began to be used by the average person, it was a great novelty to be able to send a message to someone and have one's name appear on the outgoing message. In the old days if your name was Joe or Jane Soap, it was great to send an email with the name appearing for all to see: "Here's a message from JOE SOAP!" You'll probably see that a lot of people like to include signatures at the bottom of their emails too. They do it in order to get people to know who they are!

In today's times, it seems a lot of us out there are not as much interested in letting others know who we are. Who has time to even enter one's name in the message any longer? When emails go from one to the other, all we know is that "J.S." sent it. There may not even be a phone number to call - and even if there is, most prefer never to answer their phones - but to rather simply have a paid-for voicemail message to let others know just how important one really is. When we've got time - we'll get back to you!

Have you ever stood back and seen who the really successful people are in the world? You'll know their names! You may even know an email address to contact them at! You'll probably see regular videos of them teaching others just a little something of what they're up to and how they managed to get where they got to.

If you're looking to get out there - looking to make money - you'll need to know that you'll probably get some of it from other people! If so, it's a great idea to begin by giving yourself an identity. Use your name and let others know how they can contact you. You have nothing to fear - because this is you... unless of course it's not... unless of course you need to hide from others!

So sit back, think about who you are, and what you do. Think about all the means of communications you have to reach others - and then... don't be afraid to use your identity or all these means available. Answer an email (with politeness and even your signature!) Answer your phone - and leave voicemail turned on only for the times when you really can't get to it! Use your name (all of it!) when communicating with others. And mostly - don't be afraid to let others know just how easily contactable you are - and that you're always ready to help!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Value the Other's Money - as Much as Your Own

It's important to have money. One can't do much without it. Do you own a home? You'll probably realise it cost you... money. Do you own a car? Again - it doesn't take much to realise that it's impossible to own it without... money. What about food and clothing? Do you ever eat or have the need to clothe yourself? What about an extra pair of shoes or even another pair of pyjamas?! Do you think you deserve to own at least two suits - or two beautiful skirts? Some laugh! Only two?! Some have walk-in wardrobes to accommodate their clothing.

What about a holiday - every now and again? Do you think you deserve it? Think about it... it all costs money! But have you ever considered the person you're actually doing business with? Did you ever think that maybe he/she too needs the basics to live? A home! A car to get around in! They even need food and clothing to live. And if they have kids, they may even need money to educate them too. There's books to buy, and then of course the six month visit to the dentist... Do you go regularly?!

We're so focused on our own needs in life, that we very often forget that the other guy has a need to live too. Do you know that though you're happy to find a way to make the deal better on your side - you may well be taking from where you shouldn't - and thereby not allowing the other to live - just as well as you do?!

Life - and wealth of course - is about respecting the other - just as much as one respects oneself. It's about wanting for the other at least as much as one wants for oneself. So next time you're typing in words in a Google search to find a site to make you a millionaire - don't forget, we'd all like to become one. Go for the target, but never forget that all the people who will help you to get there - are just as much people - as you are. They too need to live and enjoy life as much as you do.

Success comes from an appreciation of the other's greatness - just as much as one's own. Success is about valuing the other and their wealth - just as much as valuing oneself and one's own wealth.

Making the "millions" in life we're all looking for - is about seeing the other - just like we see ourselves. That makes one a true millionaire.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Be Satisfied with Your Lot

Our daily lives are made up - from morning to night - with the desire for more. It seems we cannot stop ourselves from looking for the next best thing around that will help us to gain more. And by more - we usually mean money! I'm no expert when it comes to monitoring every possible Google search, but there are enough "How do I become a millionaire?" and "How do I use 'Internet tool...' to become a millionaire?" searches around to know that people are looking for that quick fix of instantaneously coming into A LOT of wealth - and fast! Ironically - when you do these searches, you'll be presented with hundreds of thousands of "know it all" sites that will lead you (apparently!) to becoming a millionaire. Once you've been through them all, you may wonder why it still hasn't happened - and if per chance you did find that one in a "million" site that does seem to answer all your questions, you may be wondering why the person himself had such a need to share his/her secrets with the world if indeed they've already hit the jackpot!

Maybe that magical site isn't really out there after all. If you do know it, please pass it on, I'd like to add it as a link on my own site. It will generate tremendous traffic for me and assist me in reaching that target audience I myself am looking for. So how are we going to ever get it? I mean the millions, the wealth and all that glorious happiness we think the Internet will give us? (Internet: That place many of us spend hours of time on each day in the hope of getting something better in life than life itself.)

A great man by the name of Simon ben Zoma asked a question. He said, "Who is happy?" and he answered, "He who is happy with his lot - he who is happy with his portion (in life.)" His wording was accurate, he did not say, "he who is happy with his Lotto winnings," nor did he say, "he who is happy with his Porshe." Rather he chose to stop himself a syllable or two before the material objects - and confine himself to higher "spiritual" pursuits.

We keep looking at the neighbour - and his wonderful garden which always seems so green! And we keep wondering why the grass is always greener on the other side. Until sometimes, one peers over and realises there's also a nasty smell coming from it - and as one peeks over, one sees that it's actually filled with manure! Sure it's green - sometimes! But that's often because of the "manure" that ends up dirtying the air for everyone else - and himself!

We need to refocus - and see what it is that we do have - every single day. Achieving that great goal - double where we are now - is always in front of us. But we cannot forget and must not forget to look at ourselves and what we do have. Is it a husband/wife? Children maybe? A holiday we've been able to experience together (even though we don't own the four by four to get us there!) Or maybe it was just a day spent together at home enjoying each others' company.

I guess it's not only manure that can make the grass greener after all. It may be just a little more water... and perhaps some sunshine too... just a little more often...

Friday, 18 November 2011

Value a Telegram

Do you ever wonder if our communication and technology of today is better than it was years ago? It's great to have devices that send messages around the world in a split second. There's just so much to say! But are we becoming better for it all? Are our messages nicer, cleaner, more encouraging? Have we lost touch with the value of a word - now that it's relatively cheap to send "reams" of lengthy emails whenever (and to whomever!) we want? And are relationships improving because of these fast and lengthy emails?

Do you remember the old telegram? Do you even know what it is (if you're not of the "older" generation)?! Now there was something worthwhile. We valued every single word, and before writing it, we made certain to consider if it was really necessary. We made sure that only the message we wanted to send - was sent! We knew that each word cost money - BIG money... and so we thought things out before "clicking the send button."

It seems we've lost our appreciation for the value of a word. There's much we can do with it, but we need to think like we did in the days of telegrams. It's so easy to break relationships, lose customers, friends and even family - simply because we're just too wordy - when it comes to sending an email - or even writing a blog post!

Don't ever forget the good 'ole days. The one's when people were valued, and words cost a lot (a great comparison for the "value" of a relationship!) Keep emails short - and personal interactive communication "long." If you're seeking the "millions" in your life, value every word - especially when it comes to writing an email. The shorter, the better. The more thought out... the stronger it will be and you'll say just what you want in a hundredth of the time!

Stay away from long emails. Pick up the phone. Meet in person - and make relationships that are meaningful and real!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Order - A Great Method to Being Successful

You're unique - granted! Isn't that what makes you so great? So you feel the need to just explode with uniqueness - wherever you are - right? It's definitely a way to be you. And it's definitely a way to get some attention.

But what really makes us great? Is it the explosion? Is it the absolute extroversion we display? Or is there more to it? I saw a great video yesterday (see below) that seemed to bring it all out. It's not just about being "out-there" that makes for success. There's also a measure of aesthetic beauty. There's this need to appreciate that what really makes one stand out most - is when one realises that one is a part of a bigger whole. There are so many trees, and so many plants, so many animals - and of course so many people around! But when everybody takes their place, real beauty happens.

Sure, we all want to be the band leader... the star of the show... The conductor! But what about just being you - right there as a part of it all. So someone will be in front, and someone at the back - and there may even be a host of others right in between. But when everybody takes their place neatly and keeps in time with the music - there's some real beauty that shows itself - to ourselves and others.

Focus on what you have and who you are. Focus on the team you're a part of, and how we can all take our roles - and in this way all end up enjoying the music of life. It's about give and take. No need to take from something that doesn't belong to one. Just to take one's own position. That's what being successful with life is all about. Money - or family, friends or just acquaintanceship - if you're looking for the "millions" - be yourself and be a part of the bigger song of life!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Real Person - a Lot Like You...

So we're in a real world. And we're here to live - and to live well - to live with happiness! Remember the old days? The days before the Internet and cellphones?! Sometimes there'd be just one phone for the family - attached to a wall outlet and confined next to a lazy chair! It may not even have had voice mail! Back in those days one had to purchase an answering machine! 

Back then, real people used to talk to... real people. You may even remember them saying hello on a telephone call or even "how are you?" and they really meant it! Days before email typing was such a burden that there became a need for SMS and "texting" - leaving the formalities of "Hi friend!" and "Best Regards, your Pal!" completely out the picture.

But that's what real life is about. That's because real people are exactly that. They're real! They're not a machine. They're not an email. And they're not some slave who does everything at the exact moment in time you want them to - just because you've already sent your email to them! We need to wake ourselves up and out of this hazy new-world of illusions and hallucinations - to thinking like we once did - and see each other for the real people we really are.

If it's wealth you're looking for - or an extra good relationship with your spouse, family or friends - or even your clients - take a deep breath, and as you do so (and watch the wonderful video clip below) consider new possibilities of the value of someone else's life. You'll probably find out just how special they really are... just like you!

Moving in Different Directions

When I began my blog, I thought about using it simply as a means to provide some lessons about Internet-Life. Lessons in how to use some of the wonderful programs and applications available on the Internet to help users find ways to make income through the Internet. There's really a lot out there.

After a few really great lessons, I considered what direction to take and how best to make the blog worthwhile. After all, I think the Internet is a great place (when used correctly!) to generate income. Just take a look back at my previous posts and open your eyes to the variety of tools available to generating income. Even with those lessons alone, there's an infinite world of income waiting to be earned! The great thing is that everybody can benefit.

Both buyer and seller - or even friends and family - interacting, stand the chance of conducting transactions easily and with speed. The Internet has given us so many opportunities. I wonder how much people want to find out about how to use the tools I've suggested already and how much they'd really like to know about the "ins and outs" of them.

But I've been thinking it over. The Internet's tools for making money are great! But there's more to it all. There's so much more in making money than this. If you're really looking to succeed then know that it's also about just being a real person - a decent person - an honest person! There's more about being real and sincere. Sometimes, the Internet has taken away our "real-person" lives. I've just been thinking about the best way to go about it, but I have some new ideas.

I'd like you to come along with me on the journey I'll be taking from now - whenever and as often as I can post, and I'd be happy to hear your comments and questions - or just when you feel something has made a difference.

My next post is a little something of what I believe it's really all about, so please make certain to check it out and use it as a spring-board to great things!

Be blessed!


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