Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lesson 8: Think and GROW RICH!!!


Our site is devoted to gaining the necessary tools to being successful financially. We’ve learned about a variety of tools that we can implement to use our skills to actively make money.

Another important part of being successful financially is to realise that we are actually deserving of this wealth. There is much to be said about getting one’s mind to think in the right direction to perceive wealth as a blessing – and that it should be used for blessed purposes. There is nothing wrong with having wealth, especially because we know what wonderful things we can do with it.

Many times, we feel or have been taught, that having wealth is something negative or the like. It’s only for “those people”. In truth, however, wealth is for everyone. When each of us is blessed with our own wealth, we are able to give much more to others and also express ourselves much better. In fact, without wealth, we cannot become close to what our true potential really is.

So, how do we go about thinking straight and seeing the value of having wealth? How do we get ourselves out of the mentality of thinking that we don’t actually need wealth to live?!

One such person who wrote on the subject in a most wonderful manner is Napoleon Hill. I’d like to suggest you get a hold of his wonderful book “Think and Grow Rich.”

Here’s a great video of the author speaking about how to generate wealth.

Looking forward to hearing from you, finding out how you are enjoying the lessons. Please send through questions and hopefully we will post some of these on this site as time goes on.

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