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Lesson 3 - Etsy Easy - Sell Your Handmade Items!


Sell your Handmade Items!

Before moving into blogs and webpages (which have a limitless amount of lessons to learning all their secrets!) – let’s continue on to doing things that we know we can do. We all can do something.

Imagine the lion for a moment with it’s sharp canines ready to sink them into prey… Imagine the powerful claws of the lion as it is about to grab it’s prey…
Imagine the diamond dealer with his minute sized drills…
Imagine the builder with his huge bulldozers…

Yes… we all have something that we can use that will enable us to make incomes worthy of that name! Nobody would think to deny the lion his claws… nor the builder his bulldozer. Because with each instrument that a person has to achieve the tasks he wishes to – so will he be successful.

Some of us enjoy working with our hands. And there’s so much we can do, from pottery to art, from photography to making hats!

Those of us who just can’t express ourselves best in words, have other things we can use. I don’t imagine the lion fooling his prey with a well prepared talk of the benefits of being eating up! I don’t imagine the builder preparing a speech in order to make a house appear! But we can all imagine ourselves being able to share something of what we can do – with others.

There are dozens of Internet sites abounding all over with opportunities to sell our work on them. We could make a list of at least two dozen! For today’s lesson, I’d like to focus on just one of them. ETSY.

Etsy is a great site because it allows you to sell whatever handmade creative work you’ve come up with. It’s really that simple! You spend your morning in the workshop using your hands and talents in handy-work, to create something beautiful. Something others may enjoy using or even just looking at. Who knows what it’s worth! As for you, it’s probably worth at least a million! Others may think less, but others may think more! Who ever would have thought in Van Gough’s day that his paintings would sell for millions of dollars and be so sought after?!

I suppose it comes down to prayer as well! But the making of a good artistic-something certainly goes a long way into making the sale an easier one!

So get started right away. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Log in to www.etsy.com
2. Click on Register (top of the page.)
3. Create your account – and don’t forget to choose a good password.
4. Make sure to mention you heard about them from “shearsuccess”!
5. DONE!

It really is this simple!

From here, it’s on to better things. You’re all set to sell, and sell you will!


In order to sell, here’s a short list of things to do:

1. Sign in by clicking on the Sign In button at the top of the page.
2. Click on the Sell button at the top of the screen (or buy if you’d like to buy something.)
3. Click on “Get Started”
4. Follow the instructions. They’re easy enough to understand. You can place up to 5 different pictures of your item for people to see.
5. Price yourself carefully and make sure you’ll be making a really good profit! Don’t forget to take into account that Etsy will be taking a share of it as well (although it is quite reasonable.)
6. Give a good description of the item with good keywords so that others can find your product easily.
7. DONE!

We’ll be learning more in future lessons about the art of taking a beautiful photograph, sizing it and uploading it. The above steps however allow you to get started at the very least! You’ll be able to register, and to get your items (that you’ve already photographed) all set up for others to see.

The great thing about Etsy is that your item will be up for 4 months, giving others plenty of time to see what you’ve got. I’ve seen a lot of really successful people using Etsy and it seems people are happy with the system as well.


Many sites on the Internet give one various opportunities to receiving one’s money. Etsy allows for Money Orders, Personal Checks and of course our pal from lesson 1 – Paypal! One can see just how important Paypal is and the difference it can make in the ease of receiving payments. It is indeed the ultimate money vessel of the Internet right now.

Don’t forget, keep your comments coming. We’d love to hear from you. What are you learning from this site? Is it beneficial for you? Are there other things you want to see and what are they? Be in touch!

Wishing you much success in becoming a millionaire!

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