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Lesson 5 - Blog Blog Blog... Blah Blah Blah


Up until now we’ve learned about setting up the best vessel for accepting funds on the Internet – Paypal. We’ve learned how to sell our very own selves and the expertise we have, to others in need of immediate online help! We’ve learned how easy (etsy) it is to sell one’s own handmade things. And we’ve got ourselves an email address with a program that’s neat, tidy and easy to use – so people can be in contact with us and we with them.

What else can we do? All of us would like some sort of a way of getting ourselves known better. If we consider that we are indeed experts in something, whether through intellectual knowledge or through handy-work, we’d love to let others actually know more about who we are and what we can offer them. You can only do so-much with a picture being sold or consulting with someone online. But we really want others to get to know the “whole” us!

People are voyeurs. They love looking. The eye loves to scan what’s happening around it at all times, and so, if one has something visually appealing to another, one can get them quite addicted to what one has to offer them. That’s why writing on the Internet and using visual images is so attractive.

Television soap operas and the like are such huge successes because they keep people glued to their televisions every single day – at the same time, with the same storyline. So, if you’re interested in knowing what’s happening in Kate’s life, and her romance with Mark, or you’re interested to know if Harry and Lilly are going to stay married, get divorced or run away from each other… the latest soap operas will get the story started (all fictitious of course!) – and keep you wanting more! And even if it turns out that the strife of Angie and Damon will do nothing for keeping them apart for a moment, everyone will still tune in – same time tomorrow to know if anything *will* in fact change! In fact, it’s quite amazing to see how the soap operas never end. They keep going on and on. One can tune in months later after not having watched, and still be able to follow the main story line! You won’t miss much – even if you lose out on months of watching!

Yet, be that as it may, the soap opera writers are so good, that they’re able to keep you coming back – EVERY SINGLE DAY. To such a degree that in some families there may be tremendous problems with dad and mom if they have to be doing something else, and miss out on their latest updates – of people who are completely fictitious of course! Imagine if they were real?!

Well, the Internet has allowed people to set up their own web cameras for others to watch them live every day too. Imagine the excitement of being able to watch another person… brushing their teeth… doing their hair… walking around the house… talking to their friends in the lounge… anything?! What’s more, there are thousands of people doing just this, and getting paid fortunes. It’s really quite simple. All you do is set up a video camera in your main living room, turn it on, upload live feed to the Internet, and then… set up your web site with a password. Anyone wanting to see how you sit on your luxurious easy-chair during the day, can log in with their user details, pay $10 a month (or whatever you charge) and enjoy! Of course, when you’ve got thousands of likeminded people interested in how you drink your tea, and they’re all willing to pay $10 a month for this, you can become a millionaire – literally while you sleep! In fact, people do do this!

But what about the rest of us who really do have something worthwhile to share with others? We’ve got the good things going on. We have knowledge to share, kindness and goodness. Things that make sense!

There are millions of Internet viewers who’d love to know something about you. That’s because they’re either after knowledge – or because they simply like to know more about what’s happening in your life. Of course we all have a life (although most people keep telling us to get one!) And our lives are different from everyone else. Every day, we have things happening to us that nobody else has. It’s true – we could video it all and put it up for others to see (something for another lesson!) – but a great way of getting others to take an interest in ourselves, is to let them know what we’re up to.

Blogging. Just what exactly is it?! You could think of it as your own personal book or diary, where you can write up short (or long) notes about what’s happening in your life. Example: You just immigrated somewhere new. Each day after your arrival you can let others know what you’re doing.

“Day 1: Arrived. What a hassle to have to get through customs today! Do you know, I had some really personal things packed away. Now… do I look like a terrorist? But still, they took it all out. These guys must really have fun on some days! Arrived at my new home safely, with all my baggage back where it should have been in the first place!”

“Day 2: It was a long night last night. Completely exhausted, I just fell on to the new bed waiting for me, and had the best sleep in days and nights! Unpacked everything afterwards, and am grateful that all my clothes are hanging up in the closets where they should be! Can’t wait till the main boxes arrive with all my main appliances… I want a toasted cheese already!”

This would just be a sample. Of course, everyone really wants to know how you’re taking to Timbuktu and what the culture is like there, so share, share and share. Blah Blah Blah! If you really want people’s attention, you’re going to have to share every day. The more frequently you share, the better, because you’ll be getting everyone to your site daily – just what you want!

If you don’t like revealing personal details, you can set up a blog (literally WEblog – not ‘we blog’ even though we do!) –  to teach others about something you’re good at. This blog “How to use the Internet to make Millions!” is an excellent idea for sharing with others what I know about using the Internet to make MILLIONS! But you may love animals and teaching others how to take care of theirs. Each day you’ll write your own “column” on how to train your pets. How to care for them. How to feed them. Whatever! There are hundreds of thousands of people – literally – interested in what you’ve got to say – so long as you can say it all right!

You’re probably wondering how having a blog can make millions – right?! Well, think of it this way: You’re making yourself an “indispensable” tool for them to learn about something they’ve always wanted! Now you’ve got their attention, you can start hiring yourself out on a more professional basis. Who knows… maybe someone will see your writing, think you’re the next J.K. Rowling, and ask you to write the next best-selling novel!

There’s much more to blogging though, and we’ll come back to it all again later. We’ll be teaching you more on how to advertise other people’s things on your blog as well and GET PAID for it! You’re a success – they want to be… so they pay you… simple! (That’s how it always works. When you’ve got wealth, everyone else wants to give you more!)


There are a host of main sites that allow you to easily set up a blog. You can contact me for more information if you wish. Meanwhile, I’m going to be sharing something about BLOGGER which is basically Google’s approach to blogging. The blog is easy to set up and you can be up and running in just a few minutes – sharing information, pictures, and a bunch of other stuff!

Here goes: 


  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “Create your blog now”
  3. Enter all required details (easy to work through on your own.) Don’t forget – use a GOOD STRONG password.
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Choose a name for your blog eg. MYBLOG (and you’ll be at
  6. Choose a template – something that will be appropriate to your subject and theme. Happy with it yourself? Great!
  7. DONE!
  1. Log in to
  2. Sign in with your gmail address. Follow the instructions as above
  3. DONE!
You’re all set with your blog and ready to start posting. The headings are straight forward, but if you need more help, we’ll be looking into creating posts, editing, changing setting and working with widgets, all in a later lesson.

Keep in touch and do let me know how your millionaire counter is doing!

Good luck and forward on your personal blog page to me. I’d love to see what you’re up to!

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