Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Make a Success of Your Business - and Your Life: Take What You Need (Video Clip Included)

Those in the "know" know that making plenty of money is what life is about. In fact, even when we have plenty - there's just always so much more plenty to get! We chase after things we don't even know that we want. We want things, we don't even know we will ever use. Even when we have - we want more. It's an insatiable desire embedded in us.

But those who really do know - know that life is about so much more. It's why - so often, one sees that it's those who don't have who take just what they need, because they realise there may be others in need to. Some of the greatest givers - are those who have nothing themselves. What a crazy world!

The video below shows a reality of life we all need to expose ourselves to. Making a success of money, of life, of business - is so much more than just making another fortune of wealth. In fact, what makes us truly rich - is when we appreciate what we have - always! The wealthy person is truly the one who is satisfied with his lot. He sees the needs of others, even though he himself may actually lack. But he never sees himself as lacking. He has for today. He is appreciative. He wants the other to succeed too. He wants to give him too. He wants to leave something for the other.

What valuable lessons.

Enjoy the video - and feel free to post your positive and encouraging comments in the comments section below.


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