Wednesday, 3 December 2008

First Steps to Becoming a Millionaire!


Having been involved in computers since I was a child, I know just as well as everyone else reading this does, that computers are the ultimate source for obtaining information today. When the Internet began (so many years ago already!) the concept of making information known completely changed, making practically everything available to whoever would want to see it.

Because of the power of the Internet, everyone out there wants to know just how to really tap into the force of the Internet and use it for their benefit. Most people love using computers and many feel themselves addicted to the pages that the Internet brings up to them. But of course... we all have to earn a living too. If only we could just find the means of using both desires in the easiest way - together - and be successful with it all, we'd be ecstatic!

There truly is a plethora of information available on the Internet on how to exploit it to make wealth. Many people know the secrets. Others know a few of them... and yet others wish they knew them. In fact, with so many sources available for becoming a millionaire - one can simply be boggled by looking at all the pages the Internet feeds us, and wonder where to turn, and just who to follow. I guess that might put me in the same category of, "What can you offer us, that we can't find elsewhere?"

You'll find articles on the Internet, videos, audio files to listen to. You'll see online stores with the latest books available. Guides for "dummies" and the like! You'll find links to reading all about the biographies of the world's wealthiest people and just how they've made their billions! But, we can't all keep up with everything available. What we really need is some simple teachings - teachings related directly to "How To Make Money on the Internet" (without the "waffling" in between!) explaining in simple English some of the most powerful tools available that can help each of us tap into the power of the Internet, so that each of us can generate our own income easily.

That's really what this blog is all about! My postings will teach about the best tools available that even the novice in computers can truly master. I'll share the technical points of "How to do...". I'll share just how much money you can make (REALLY!)

But there's so much more, because although the Internet can be fun, and one can indeed make millions and billions, I'll be sharing some tools that one can use to make some really special network connections with others, being able to talk with them through text, audio or video (FREE most times... and at minimal costs at others!) I'll be teaching you how to share your own creative thoughts with others, make new friends and give you the freedom to express yourself with others - who appreciate what you have to offer them.

That's really what we all need. To be able to express ourselves to others in ways that others can appreciate, giving us the self-confidence we need to boost our self-esteem, give us money in the bank, and bring us to experiencing a fulfilled life.

I've heard that money grows on trees... but... it's still a job to have to pick off the "fruit." Besides, I've never really seen a money tree! As everyone knows... money doesn't grow on trees. Actually all the gold of the world is to be found in a pot... at the end of the rainbow! This blog is all about following that rainbow right up until it's end point, so that we'll all clearly see that it's right there... right at the end of the rainbow!

Rainbows come about at the end of a good rain (and sometimes in the middle of it too!) Rain of course represents absolute blessing, the source of blessing (so long as it comes down in the right quantity!) Let's position ourselves under the "clouds", feel the moisture of the refreshing rains... get to that rainbow, and collect the gold!

I can't wait to begin this journey with everyone reading this blog and look forward to your questions and comments. So be in touch!

Let's go!

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