Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lesson 6 - Facebook

Imagine the tremendous wealth each of us could have… if we could manage to get just $1 from each person in the world! It’s not such a fantasy, because in fact, life is all about networking. The more people we can be in regular contact with, the more people will know about our services and what we have to offer. And of course, they’ll get to know the real “us”. The Internet is filled with an array of programs that allow for instant communication between ourselves and the rest of the world. One of the most common used communication tools is Facebook.
What exactly is Facebook? Facebook is a utility on the Internet that allows us to be in touch with whoever will be our friends! Of course, if you’ve lost contact with friends you may have had when at school decades ago – you may quite likely find them again using this program – as I personally have done. It is truly amazing to be in touch with an old friend decades later. One wonders what types of lives they lived up until now, and suddenly in moments, one is back in touch with them – albeit a newer them!
Making money is really all about having good contacts who’ll hire our services (or purchase our products) and be excellent referrers for us to their own friends. Once they all start jumping onto this bandwagon, we’re able to increase our friend – and client database so that we all stand to gain from each other. We’ll be learning more about the “You give to me… I give to you… and we all give to each other” syndrome when we deal with Google’s Adsense and Adwords program.
The short of it is that while the world believes itself to (constantly) be in a recession, still – if everybody continues to give to everybody else, then it means that they in turn can give to others, and – simply put – nobody actually loses out but instead gains.
The best way to get to know about Facebook is to actually use it. I’m going to share with you the easy steps necessary to join it and thereafter share with you in brief what you’ll be able to do and how to use it for your benefit. You’ll get the hang of it all and find it a terrific tool to networking with others – old friends and new. I’d really appreciate hearing from you and adding you as a friend on my network too.
Let’s join Facebook and get to know the world:
  1. Go to www.facebook.com
  2. Sign up. It’s FREE!
  3. Enter your full name, your email, a strong password and date of birth. If you believe you’re either male or female, then do select one of these choices as well!
  4. DONE!
You’re really all set up. So go back to www.facebook.com and log in by simply entering your email address and password in the relevant boxes.
When you log in, you’ll be presented with your main dashboard. You’ll be able to upload a picture of yourself for your friends to see, and you’ll be able to tell others more about you under the main “Profile” tab. It’s really self explanatory.
Once you’re set up, you can use Facebook to tell others a little about what you’re up to by simply entering details in the main box. You can say for example: “Jane is now finished setting up her Facebook and ready to take on the world!”, or anything similar or completely different.
Next, you’ll want to actually add friends! It will be a very lonely experience if you join Facebook to tell the world all about you, when in fact, you haven’t added any friends yet! There’s a box in the top right hand side which says “search”. Here you can type in the name of someone you might know and try to find them. If their name comes up, you can add them as a friend. They’ll have to give permission though before you’ll see anything about them. This is one of the protective measures that Facebook takes. It will not allow anyone to see another’s profile and details until the person gives another permission to see them.
You can also add people by looking through your email addresses and working through them manually or automatically by Facebook itself.
Facebook is also filled with a variety of groups (or start your own!) So join in to something which appeals to you and you may find other like-minded people interested in becoming friends with you too.
The great thing about Facebook is that you can let others know what you’re doing so that they get to know you better. Use it to your advantage and you’ll find people interested in the services and products you have to offer. Be careful about direct advertising as I have heard that Facebook does not allow this. However one can still share in a subtle way what one is doing in the hope that others will want to find out more and be in touch with you. You can also add all your blog pages and web pages to the main “Profile” section, so that others can find out more about you. You’ll be using these as your main advertising pages.
Facebook will keep you updated with all your friends’ details during the day and in turn your friends will see what you’re up to. You can share pictures and videos with others, and see theirs too. The interface is clean and tidy and easy to follow, so spend some time looking at the variety of options available and like with most software related things – experiment and have fun!

Happy friend hunting and networking.

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