Thursday, 18 December 2008

Lesson 7 - Adsense... Makes Cents... Adds Dollars!





Okay, you want to live the American dream (or anyone else’s… so long as it brings in some wealth!) There’s a famous saying – TANSTAAFL – or for those who don’t know the basics of abbreviations “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!” What’s really amazing about those who talk this way is that they’re simply not that interested in sharing anything for nothing. Actually, there is a strange concept in the universe – the more one gives, the more one gets back. And nobody ever mentions money as being the only option here.

The creators of Google are millionaires (and more!) But how do they make their money? If only WE could know something about their thinking, maybe we too could make it big! For those – not in the know, you’ll probably know Google as a search engine. Things are just simple with Google. You want to find something on the Internet, so you type in and do a search. You can type anything you want (and you’ll probably get it!) You can find web entries, category entries, images, videos – anything! Then you finish up with Google by choosing your website from them and off you go venturing into the wide open spaces of cyberspace!

How could Google make so much money from this – you probably ask! When was the last time you paid Google for doing a search? Did they ever send you an invoice for the millions of searches you’ve done already?! So how are they making all their money?!

Google must understand the real dynamics of what sharing is all about, and how to go about doing it right, so that those parting with their money will want to – because it’s beneficial for them to, and those who want to help those part with their money – also want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. They’re geniuses!

In 2000, Google set up the most amazing program to benefit anyone interested in making money through the Internet. ANYONE can use it and ANYONE can literally make fortunes of wealth from it. The better you understand it, the faster you’ll be able to bring in a steady income for doing…. nothing! Okay, not nothing entirely, but let’s fantasize for a moment:

Imagine adding to your blog or website on a regular basis. You love writing about… whatever it is you love writing about! Every day you teach people all sorts of new things. You get to express yourself, others get to enjoy your writing, and you’re making millions from it – without anyone actually paying you… anyone except for Google that is!

Here’s how they work. They have a program known as Adsense. They have the flipside of this which is called Adwords – which we’ll learn more about in a later lesson. Adsense makes sense. Adsense makes cents. Adsense adds cents (and sense!) In fact, it even adds dollars!

Advertising for others and helping them is your surest way of bringing in an income for yourself. Think of it like this. If you are able to help another make a sale – he’ll be happy. He’ll then pay you for your help. You didn’t even need a product! You simply told someone about someone else’s product; they bought it, and Mr. Seller signs a check to give you some commission for all the great work done!

You’ve probably seen Adsense on every single webpage or blog page you’ve visited, but have you paid attention to how it actually works?

It’s simple. Lets call Mr Advertiser – “John”! Now, John wants to sell his latest electric car that he’s recently made up. Well, he feels that he needs to show everyone the benefits of it and doing so in the space of a few textual lines won’t help much (he’s probably right!) So he sets up a webpage devoted to show how his electric car works. He’s got pictures on his site, videos, musical videos (to get you all excited!) lots of information, prices and of course big “BUY ME” buttons all over the page. Once you’ll click there and enter your credit card info, John will check his Paypal (see first lesson) with a HUGE amount in it, and get so excited that he’ll now send the car express mail to your home!

Okay, but John’s page isn’t so well known. Actually he’d like the entire world to know about it! Everyone knows Google, so if he can just buddy buddy up with Google, he’ll get the whole world informed about his website and his car! So what he does first is to set up some really good adverts (which he designs in Adwords). He calls his ad “Electric Car” and then writes underneath this “Car that runs on electricity.” On the second line he says “Woohooo!!! Buy it here!” Then there’s a link that takes one directly to his site – or alternatively you can just click on the advert and be “transported” (without gas or electricity, save for that being used by your laptop) to his page. There you’ll pick up an electric car for the special of just 2 million dollars – terrific!

Imagine that all this takes place by John having to pay only some 40 American cents (or less?) Actually it does! This is Adsense.

Your job is to put his advert on your webpage or blog. Don’t worry, Google does all the hard work and you just put in the given code.

The short of it is like this: You’re going to register with Adsense. After that, you’ll be able to put some code onto your web page or blog page. Google will automatically choose the adverts that go onto your page for you. They’ll be related to the content on your page. So if you’re talking about dancing… you’ll probably get adverts dealing with dancing teachers, dancing moves, dancing videos – everything dancing. And so on.

Here’s the great part now. People who are reading your page (which is about dancing of course!) will be interested in… DANCING! So they’ll be checking out the rest of your page for anything they can see about dancing. They’ll see a few of the terrific adverts you’ve worked so hard to put up. One will direct them to a page to learn about dancing, another to find dancing teachers etc. as above. Then comes the good news. They’re going to click on it to be taken to that page – and here’s where Google Adsense kicks in!

You’re going to receive some extra bonus spending pocket money for all your hard work. Once a person clicks on that small advert, you’ll be paid anywhere from 20 American cents to perhaps even 40 or 50 cents. (This is all dependent upon complex programming by Google, and can only be understood through a lot more learning than a short post like this!) Now… everyone gets happy. You see, Mrs Dancing Teacher really wants you to see her page, so she has already registered with Google and paid them for this advert. In fact, she may have paid them a dollar for each time the advert is clicked upon. What’s a dollar, if she can get you to order her latest $500 fancy dance moves video?! Google are happy because they got the $1 already from the dance teacher, and because you’ve helped, Google wants you to share in the profit, so they give you some 30 cents or the like. There you go, everyone is happy and everyone wins!

In summary, that’s how many sites – including this one, are able to continue without any payment at all. It’s called advertising, and the sponsors are to be thanked for all their help. They feel that my page (and the others they advertise on) is really helping them generate business. And of course, I’m grateful for their terrific work that they do too. So I put up their advert and hope and pray that others will want to learn more about their things – which they often do want! Once they do, we all win, and through these advertisers supporting me, I’m able to publish even more of the things I enjoy writing about. Of course, I’m not the only one doing this… practically every web page does it. And we all do it to help each other. Naturally, clicking on the adverts for no purpose is theft, as is doing so just for the sake of helping your buddy bring in a few extra bob. By the way, don’t think you can click on your adverts on the page. Once Google sees you’re doing this (just call them BIG BROTHER), they’ll simply cancel your account. You’ve got to be fair and honest (not only with Google, but with everyone else in the world as well!)

The main thing to be aware of is that you put your adverts up without expecting anything in return. You just go ahead and continue publishing on your fantastic web blog or web site.

If your content on your web site or blog is good – and it will keep people coming back for more, then of course, more people will be looking at the page regularly, and that means that more people will be viewing the adverts too. So the best way of increasing the hits through the Adsense adverts is to bring good content to your blog to encourage people to come back for more!

It’s a great deal and everybody wins. You can too!!! There’s much more to learn, and you’re welcome to be in touch for further info. This is really just an introduction. We’ll also be covering other advertising means in future lessons. Google Adsense is just one of them. We’ll be learning about selling others’ books on your site, or others’ shoes… or whatever. You’ll get 5% commission and even more on many. It all adds up and the more you get out there, the more likely you are to succeed. Be in touch and let me know how you’re doing with all of this.

Let’s set up our Google Adsense and get an advert to get started:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “Sign up Now”
  3. You’ll need to have set up your blog or website first…
  4. Enter your web or blog address and fill in the remainder of the details. Make sure you enter the “payee name” exactly. You’ll be getting a check and you don’t want problems with the bank. Actually you can also set up your bank account directly with them and they will deposit the money directly into it!
  5. Submit your information
  6. DONE!

Once you’re registered you’ll be taken to an interface which will allow you to start designing your Adsense ads (see some ideas by looking at the one’s on this page and others.)

We’ll be covering more about this in future lessons. Meanwhile please be in touch and we can talk about it over Skype.

Good luck! Let me know when you’ve made your first million – from Adsense alone!

The great thing is the lesson learned from it all. Be open to helping others. When you help others, they’ll help you and everyone benefits. There really is never a need for jealousy. Kindness and cooperation with each other makes for far greater success than limitations, jealousy and envy of others.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lesson 6 - Facebook

Imagine the tremendous wealth each of us could have… if we could manage to get just $1 from each person in the world! It’s not such a fantasy, because in fact, life is all about networking. The more people we can be in regular contact with, the more people will know about our services and what we have to offer. And of course, they’ll get to know the real “us”. The Internet is filled with an array of programs that allow for instant communication between ourselves and the rest of the world. One of the most common used communication tools is Facebook.
What exactly is Facebook? Facebook is a utility on the Internet that allows us to be in touch with whoever will be our friends! Of course, if you’ve lost contact with friends you may have had when at school decades ago – you may quite likely find them again using this program – as I personally have done. It is truly amazing to be in touch with an old friend decades later. One wonders what types of lives they lived up until now, and suddenly in moments, one is back in touch with them – albeit a newer them!
Making money is really all about having good contacts who’ll hire our services (or purchase our products) and be excellent referrers for us to their own friends. Once they all start jumping onto this bandwagon, we’re able to increase our friend – and client database so that we all stand to gain from each other. We’ll be learning more about the “You give to me… I give to you… and we all give to each other” syndrome when we deal with Google’s Adsense and Adwords program.
The short of it is that while the world believes itself to (constantly) be in a recession, still – if everybody continues to give to everybody else, then it means that they in turn can give to others, and – simply put – nobody actually loses out but instead gains.
The best way to get to know about Facebook is to actually use it. I’m going to share with you the easy steps necessary to join it and thereafter share with you in brief what you’ll be able to do and how to use it for your benefit. You’ll get the hang of it all and find it a terrific tool to networking with others – old friends and new. I’d really appreciate hearing from you and adding you as a friend on my network too.
Let’s join Facebook and get to know the world:
  1. Go to
  2. Sign up. It’s FREE!
  3. Enter your full name, your email, a strong password and date of birth. If you believe you’re either male or female, then do select one of these choices as well!
  4. DONE!
You’re really all set up. So go back to and log in by simply entering your email address and password in the relevant boxes.
When you log in, you’ll be presented with your main dashboard. You’ll be able to upload a picture of yourself for your friends to see, and you’ll be able to tell others more about you under the main “Profile” tab. It’s really self explanatory.
Once you’re set up, you can use Facebook to tell others a little about what you’re up to by simply entering details in the main box. You can say for example: “Jane is now finished setting up her Facebook and ready to take on the world!”, or anything similar or completely different.
Next, you’ll want to actually add friends! It will be a very lonely experience if you join Facebook to tell the world all about you, when in fact, you haven’t added any friends yet! There’s a box in the top right hand side which says “search”. Here you can type in the name of someone you might know and try to find them. If their name comes up, you can add them as a friend. They’ll have to give permission though before you’ll see anything about them. This is one of the protective measures that Facebook takes. It will not allow anyone to see another’s profile and details until the person gives another permission to see them.
You can also add people by looking through your email addresses and working through them manually or automatically by Facebook itself.
Facebook is also filled with a variety of groups (or start your own!) So join in to something which appeals to you and you may find other like-minded people interested in becoming friends with you too.
The great thing about Facebook is that you can let others know what you’re doing so that they get to know you better. Use it to your advantage and you’ll find people interested in the services and products you have to offer. Be careful about direct advertising as I have heard that Facebook does not allow this. However one can still share in a subtle way what one is doing in the hope that others will want to find out more and be in touch with you. You can also add all your blog pages and web pages to the main “Profile” section, so that others can find out more about you. You’ll be using these as your main advertising pages.
Facebook will keep you updated with all your friends’ details during the day and in turn your friends will see what you’re up to. You can share pictures and videos with others, and see theirs too. The interface is clean and tidy and easy to follow, so spend some time looking at the variety of options available and like with most software related things – experiment and have fun!

Happy friend hunting and networking.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Lesson 5 - Blog Blog Blog... Blah Blah Blah


Up until now we’ve learned about setting up the best vessel for accepting funds on the Internet – Paypal. We’ve learned how to sell our very own selves and the expertise we have, to others in need of immediate online help! We’ve learned how easy (etsy) it is to sell one’s own handmade things. And we’ve got ourselves an email address with a program that’s neat, tidy and easy to use – so people can be in contact with us and we with them.

What else can we do? All of us would like some sort of a way of getting ourselves known better. If we consider that we are indeed experts in something, whether through intellectual knowledge or through handy-work, we’d love to let others actually know more about who we are and what we can offer them. You can only do so-much with a picture being sold or consulting with someone online. But we really want others to get to know the “whole” us!

People are voyeurs. They love looking. The eye loves to scan what’s happening around it at all times, and so, if one has something visually appealing to another, one can get them quite addicted to what one has to offer them. That’s why writing on the Internet and using visual images is so attractive.

Television soap operas and the like are such huge successes because they keep people glued to their televisions every single day – at the same time, with the same storyline. So, if you’re interested in knowing what’s happening in Kate’s life, and her romance with Mark, or you’re interested to know if Harry and Lilly are going to stay married, get divorced or run away from each other… the latest soap operas will get the story started (all fictitious of course!) – and keep you wanting more! And even if it turns out that the strife of Angie and Damon will do nothing for keeping them apart for a moment, everyone will still tune in – same time tomorrow to know if anything *will* in fact change! In fact, it’s quite amazing to see how the soap operas never end. They keep going on and on. One can tune in months later after not having watched, and still be able to follow the main story line! You won’t miss much – even if you lose out on months of watching!

Yet, be that as it may, the soap opera writers are so good, that they’re able to keep you coming back – EVERY SINGLE DAY. To such a degree that in some families there may be tremendous problems with dad and mom if they have to be doing something else, and miss out on their latest updates – of people who are completely fictitious of course! Imagine if they were real?!

Well, the Internet has allowed people to set up their own web cameras for others to watch them live every day too. Imagine the excitement of being able to watch another person… brushing their teeth… doing their hair… walking around the house… talking to their friends in the lounge… anything?! What’s more, there are thousands of people doing just this, and getting paid fortunes. It’s really quite simple. All you do is set up a video camera in your main living room, turn it on, upload live feed to the Internet, and then… set up your web site with a password. Anyone wanting to see how you sit on your luxurious easy-chair during the day, can log in with their user details, pay $10 a month (or whatever you charge) and enjoy! Of course, when you’ve got thousands of likeminded people interested in how you drink your tea, and they’re all willing to pay $10 a month for this, you can become a millionaire – literally while you sleep! In fact, people do do this!

But what about the rest of us who really do have something worthwhile to share with others? We’ve got the good things going on. We have knowledge to share, kindness and goodness. Things that make sense!

There are millions of Internet viewers who’d love to know something about you. That’s because they’re either after knowledge – or because they simply like to know more about what’s happening in your life. Of course we all have a life (although most people keep telling us to get one!) And our lives are different from everyone else. Every day, we have things happening to us that nobody else has. It’s true – we could video it all and put it up for others to see (something for another lesson!) – but a great way of getting others to take an interest in ourselves, is to let them know what we’re up to.

Blogging. Just what exactly is it?! You could think of it as your own personal book or diary, where you can write up short (or long) notes about what’s happening in your life. Example: You just immigrated somewhere new. Each day after your arrival you can let others know what you’re doing.

“Day 1: Arrived. What a hassle to have to get through customs today! Do you know, I had some really personal things packed away. Now… do I look like a terrorist? But still, they took it all out. These guys must really have fun on some days! Arrived at my new home safely, with all my baggage back where it should have been in the first place!”

“Day 2: It was a long night last night. Completely exhausted, I just fell on to the new bed waiting for me, and had the best sleep in days and nights! Unpacked everything afterwards, and am grateful that all my clothes are hanging up in the closets where they should be! Can’t wait till the main boxes arrive with all my main appliances… I want a toasted cheese already!”

This would just be a sample. Of course, everyone really wants to know how you’re taking to Timbuktu and what the culture is like there, so share, share and share. Blah Blah Blah! If you really want people’s attention, you’re going to have to share every day. The more frequently you share, the better, because you’ll be getting everyone to your site daily – just what you want!

If you don’t like revealing personal details, you can set up a blog (literally WEblog – not ‘we blog’ even though we do!) –  to teach others about something you’re good at. This blog “How to use the Internet to make Millions!” is an excellent idea for sharing with others what I know about using the Internet to make MILLIONS! But you may love animals and teaching others how to take care of theirs. Each day you’ll write your own “column” on how to train your pets. How to care for them. How to feed them. Whatever! There are hundreds of thousands of people – literally – interested in what you’ve got to say – so long as you can say it all right!

You’re probably wondering how having a blog can make millions – right?! Well, think of it this way: You’re making yourself an “indispensable” tool for them to learn about something they’ve always wanted! Now you’ve got their attention, you can start hiring yourself out on a more professional basis. Who knows… maybe someone will see your writing, think you’re the next J.K. Rowling, and ask you to write the next best-selling novel!

There’s much more to blogging though, and we’ll come back to it all again later. We’ll be teaching you more on how to advertise other people’s things on your blog as well and GET PAID for it! You’re a success – they want to be… so they pay you… simple! (That’s how it always works. When you’ve got wealth, everyone else wants to give you more!)


There are a host of main sites that allow you to easily set up a blog. You can contact me for more information if you wish. Meanwhile, I’m going to be sharing something about BLOGGER which is basically Google’s approach to blogging. The blog is easy to set up and you can be up and running in just a few minutes – sharing information, pictures, and a bunch of other stuff!

Here goes: 


  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “Create your blog now”
  3. Enter all required details (easy to work through on your own.) Don’t forget – use a GOOD STRONG password.
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Choose a name for your blog eg. MYBLOG (and you’ll be at
  6. Choose a template – something that will be appropriate to your subject and theme. Happy with it yourself? Great!
  7. DONE!
  1. Log in to
  2. Sign in with your gmail address. Follow the instructions as above
  3. DONE!
You’re all set with your blog and ready to start posting. The headings are straight forward, but if you need more help, we’ll be looking into creating posts, editing, changing setting and working with widgets, all in a later lesson.

Keep in touch and do let me know how your millionaire counter is doing!

Good luck and forward on your personal blog page to me. I’d love to see what you’re up to!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Lesson 4 - Gmail... GEE MAIL!!!





We’ve set up Paypal, which means people can pay us. But they still need to be in touch with us. And Paypal is still going to be sending you a confirmation that money has been deposited into your account – so it has to have somewhere to send it to!

In the old days, everyone knew of the mail (some still use it even today!) It was quite a simple process whereby you wrote a letter, put it in an envelope and mailed it – hence the term MAIL! But things changed, and suddenly everyone jumped onto the bandwagon of mail, and slowly but surely came just snail mail… then there was air-mail, there was… the ordinary male and fe-male (I think they preceded mail though!), as well as e-mail (without the ‘f’), then began Hotmail (others tried hotmale, but it’s not the same!) and yahoomail, and then gee… there came Gmail!

Of course when it comes to obtaining our email we can do so today through a variety of programs – many of which are totally free. Others have fancy smiley icons and the like and one has to pay for these unique programs. Everybody can choose what they prefer. To each his own.

For the purposes of these lessons we’re going to work with Gmail.

Having personally worked with Gmail, I have found it quite suitable for the work I do. It gives over 7 Gigabytes of storage space. I can’t really put that into the amount of images, videos and documents you can put into it, but if you’re still getting into using all these fancy things, rest assured, 7 Gigabytes will keep you busy for a very long time! The great thing is that your email is stored on a secure computer somewhere in cyberspace. This means that you can safely turn your computer off at any time, and return to your email any time you want. If you’re on holiday somewhere without your computer (something quite unusual by today’s standards) – you can check in to an Internet cafĂ© somewhere and retrieve your email from there.

All your clients will think you’re still at work, sweating it out as you earn your living, but you know better, and are actually just off the beach-front in your swimming costume enjoying the warm sun in Hawaii! Gmail will take all your emails and keep them stored for as long as you need them to be and what’s really great, is that with just a few steps, you can find practically any email you want to… in seconds – even if you received it years ago!

You’re going to need a good email program to work with when it comes to sending and receiving email, and you don’t want to have to find yourself in the unfortunate situation of your computer giving you a message of something like “Compacting Your Email Folders” to find after it’s finished that it deleted all your messages! Gmail won’t do this. It’s easy to use. The interface is attractive and now it’s even got a variety of fun themes so that you can customize to fit your needs exactly! Plenty of storage space makes working with it a pleasure, and never having to worry about compacting folders and the like really helps!

Whenever you register for any of the programs we’ve been speaking about and will be speaking about in future lessons, you’re going to have to give your email address. Choose yours now so that you’ll be able to work with just one email on everything – instead of having to find yourself with email addresses on every email program you ever use! Another advantage of Gmail is that you can set up two or three easy to remember emails which you can use for different programs in particular – if you so wish. But still, keep everything under one roof!

Gmail also supports a number of languages. It also places all messages related to one email filed into one “long email!” The great thing about this is that all communication relating to one particular thread of discussion is always in front of you when you need it. Older email programs list messages separately, which means you have to hunt down older messages that were related to the same topic!

One thing I really like about Gmail is that it belongs to Google. What I mean by that is that Google have a variety of applications one can make use of. I enjoy being able to have a standard and like to know that everything works fine with everything else. Compatibility is always an issue on computers today and it seems like everyone is out to making you have to fit in with their style – or else forfeit using their things. The market is quite pushy with this all.

Google on the other hand are quiet about everything they do. You wake up one morning, look on the Internet, and suddenly find they’ve done something new. When one is connected with them – then all their programs simply work effortlessly. So, personally, I like keeping a standard with everything. Google is simple to use with clean, neat interfaces, and I know I’m able to keep everything together using their applications. And there’s never a charge. We’ll see why in a later lesson. Their set up of advertising is simply so brilliant, that they don’t really have to charge, because everyone ends up paying them in any case!

So, how do you set up your Gmail account so that you’ll be ready for others to send you messages, and in return you’ll be able to reply?!


  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “Sign up for Gmail” (on the right hand side of the screen.)
  3. Fill in your details. (Really straight forward… just read and follow instructions!)
  4. Don’t forget, choose a strong password. As for your username, choose something meaningful and easy to remember. Something like “Justcallmethemillionairemanoftheinternet” may work and be accepted. It may even be meaningful, but it’s going to be hard for people to remember when communicating with you. Instead choose “millionaireman” making your email It’s probably taken, so don’t be upset about that!
  5. DONE!

You’ll get an email which will ask you to confirm your details, and you’re all set up. So hurry, send me an email: and let me know the good news!

From here… it’s on to some really fun stuff. We’re going to learn how to set up your very own blog!!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Lesson 3 - Etsy Easy - Sell Your Handmade Items!


Sell your Handmade Items!

Before moving into blogs and webpages (which have a limitless amount of lessons to learning all their secrets!) – let’s continue on to doing things that we know we can do. We all can do something.

Imagine the lion for a moment with it’s sharp canines ready to sink them into prey… Imagine the powerful claws of the lion as it is about to grab it’s prey…
Imagine the diamond dealer with his minute sized drills…
Imagine the builder with his huge bulldozers…

Yes… we all have something that we can use that will enable us to make incomes worthy of that name! Nobody would think to deny the lion his claws… nor the builder his bulldozer. Because with each instrument that a person has to achieve the tasks he wishes to – so will he be successful.

Some of us enjoy working with our hands. And there’s so much we can do, from pottery to art, from photography to making hats!

Those of us who just can’t express ourselves best in words, have other things we can use. I don’t imagine the lion fooling his prey with a well prepared talk of the benefits of being eating up! I don’t imagine the builder preparing a speech in order to make a house appear! But we can all imagine ourselves being able to share something of what we can do – with others.

There are dozens of Internet sites abounding all over with opportunities to sell our work on them. We could make a list of at least two dozen! For today’s lesson, I’d like to focus on just one of them. ETSY.

Etsy is a great site because it allows you to sell whatever handmade creative work you’ve come up with. It’s really that simple! You spend your morning in the workshop using your hands and talents in handy-work, to create something beautiful. Something others may enjoy using or even just looking at. Who knows what it’s worth! As for you, it’s probably worth at least a million! Others may think less, but others may think more! Who ever would have thought in Van Gough’s day that his paintings would sell for millions of dollars and be so sought after?!

I suppose it comes down to prayer as well! But the making of a good artistic-something certainly goes a long way into making the sale an easier one!

So get started right away. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Log in to
2. Click on Register (top of the page.)
3. Create your account – and don’t forget to choose a good password.
4. Make sure to mention you heard about them from “shearsuccess”!
5. DONE!

It really is this simple!

From here, it’s on to better things. You’re all set to sell, and sell you will!


In order to sell, here’s a short list of things to do:

1. Sign in by clicking on the Sign In button at the top of the page.
2. Click on the Sell button at the top of the screen (or buy if you’d like to buy something.)
3. Click on “Get Started”
4. Follow the instructions. They’re easy enough to understand. You can place up to 5 different pictures of your item for people to see.
5. Price yourself carefully and make sure you’ll be making a really good profit! Don’t forget to take into account that Etsy will be taking a share of it as well (although it is quite reasonable.)
6. Give a good description of the item with good keywords so that others can find your product easily.
7. DONE!

We’ll be learning more in future lessons about the art of taking a beautiful photograph, sizing it and uploading it. The above steps however allow you to get started at the very least! You’ll be able to register, and to get your items (that you’ve already photographed) all set up for others to see.

The great thing about Etsy is that your item will be up for 4 months, giving others plenty of time to see what you’ve got. I’ve seen a lot of really successful people using Etsy and it seems people are happy with the system as well.


Many sites on the Internet give one various opportunities to receiving one’s money. Etsy allows for Money Orders, Personal Checks and of course our pal from lesson 1 – Paypal! One can see just how important Paypal is and the difference it can make in the ease of receiving payments. It is indeed the ultimate money vessel of the Internet right now.

Don’t forget, keep your comments coming. We’d love to hear from you. What are you learning from this site? Is it beneficial for you? Are there other things you want to see and what are they? Be in touch!

Wishing you much success in becoming a millionaire!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

First Steps to Becoming a Millionaire!


Having been involved in computers since I was a child, I know just as well as everyone else reading this does, that computers are the ultimate source for obtaining information today. When the Internet began (so many years ago already!) the concept of making information known completely changed, making practically everything available to whoever would want to see it.

Because of the power of the Internet, everyone out there wants to know just how to really tap into the force of the Internet and use it for their benefit. Most people love using computers and many feel themselves addicted to the pages that the Internet brings up to them. But of course... we all have to earn a living too. If only we could just find the means of using both desires in the easiest way - together - and be successful with it all, we'd be ecstatic!

There truly is a plethora of information available on the Internet on how to exploit it to make wealth. Many people know the secrets. Others know a few of them... and yet others wish they knew them. In fact, with so many sources available for becoming a millionaire - one can simply be boggled by looking at all the pages the Internet feeds us, and wonder where to turn, and just who to follow. I guess that might put me in the same category of, "What can you offer us, that we can't find elsewhere?"

You'll find articles on the Internet, videos, audio files to listen to. You'll see online stores with the latest books available. Guides for "dummies" and the like! You'll find links to reading all about the biographies of the world's wealthiest people and just how they've made their billions! But, we can't all keep up with everything available. What we really need is some simple teachings - teachings related directly to "How To Make Money on the Internet" (without the "waffling" in between!) explaining in simple English some of the most powerful tools available that can help each of us tap into the power of the Internet, so that each of us can generate our own income easily.

That's really what this blog is all about! My postings will teach about the best tools available that even the novice in computers can truly master. I'll share the technical points of "How to do...". I'll share just how much money you can make (REALLY!)

But there's so much more, because although the Internet can be fun, and one can indeed make millions and billions, I'll be sharing some tools that one can use to make some really special network connections with others, being able to talk with them through text, audio or video (FREE most times... and at minimal costs at others!) I'll be teaching you how to share your own creative thoughts with others, make new friends and give you the freedom to express yourself with others - who appreciate what you have to offer them.

That's really what we all need. To be able to express ourselves to others in ways that others can appreciate, giving us the self-confidence we need to boost our self-esteem, give us money in the bank, and bring us to experiencing a fulfilled life.

I've heard that money grows on trees... but... it's still a job to have to pick off the "fruit." Besides, I've never really seen a money tree! As everyone knows... money doesn't grow on trees. Actually all the gold of the world is to be found in a pot... at the end of the rainbow! This blog is all about following that rainbow right up until it's end point, so that we'll all clearly see that it's right there... right at the end of the rainbow!

Rainbows come about at the end of a good rain (and sometimes in the middle of it too!) Rain of course represents absolute blessing, the source of blessing (so long as it comes down in the right quantity!) Let's position ourselves under the "clouds", feel the moisture of the refreshing rains... get to that rainbow, and collect the gold!

I can't wait to begin this journey with everyone reading this blog and look forward to your questions and comments. So be in touch!

Let's go!


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