Monday, 26 January 2009

Lesson 12: Screw It, Just Do It!


When one wishes to become great in something, one of the best ways of learning the ropes is to learn from those who have already succeeded in a particular field. We’re learning how the Internet can be used to generate wealth – but we need to also see the real people behind the financial success stories. More than this, by reading articles such as this which draw one to the right materials to work with – one is also using the Internet to generate wealth.

Richard Branson is known the world over for his financial success. In addition, he has done much good work in the area of helping others with the finance that he has. But, being a regular person just like the rest of us, he too has tackled life head on, going through a variety of his own tests. He wasn’t just born with all his wealth.

He has certainly been adventurous – taken risks, and leaped into doing things most of us might not dream of doing. But he has done it and made a financial success of it all. He has the distinct advantage over many in having worked through life himself – pulled all his resources together – and gone out and made a success – even if he never had anything before!

They say that copying another is the best form of flattery one can give the other. When it comes to making a financial success of our lives, we can all learn from those who have succeeded – and follow some of the paths they’ve taken.

There’s no need – of course – to do everything they have done. But, there is a need to see how they managed to work through their own struggles and see how they overcame them.

In this relatively short book, Richard Branson gives us the cut (without any additional unnecessary info) in how to simply go for it! How to see the skills one has – and how one should take what one has and move forwards doing the things one can – and make a success of one’s financial affairs, and one’s own life too.

It’s another MUST HAVE for those looking for a book to give them encouragement and super energy to get going – and make large amounts of wealth.

More than anything – love making money and love life. It’s all an adventure, and the more you’ll enjoy it all, the more successful you’ll be.

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