Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lesson 13: Weebly - Create Your Own Webpage!





If you’ve been keeping up with our lessons systematically, you’ll have a great idea of how many tools are available on the Internet to help one accumulate significant wealth.

One way of expressing oneself is through a blog, where one updates one’s thoughts and ideas on a daily basis (or to the degree one is able to.) Another way of setting an opening on the Internet – a portal – where people have the opportunity to see what you do, is by setting up your very own web page.

Obviously we’ve all seen webpages – some beautiful, some with no thought put into them at all, and of course we know to which we’ll return in the future! Is making a web page a difficult thing to do, or can anyone with an average brain make one up? What types of programs does one need to make a web page? Will it be expensive?!

Actually, in today’s times anyone can create their own *attractive* web page in just minutes – with no more software than already built-in programming on the Internet itself! That’s right, it’s this simple! What are we going to do to create our page? We’ll log in to a site that is loaded with dozens of free templates. We’ll then choose a template, and begin making our page with about as much ease as dragging the relevant boxes we need to use to wherever we want them to be! It’s really quite simple!

Within minutes, you can have your own page up and running. Let your thoughts go wild! What would you like to share with others? Let them be able to interact with you, learn a little about yourself, or see samples of some work you do. You can even upload pictures and videos for others to see, as well as uploading your own files for others to download to their computers to view on their side.

Let’s get to work!

  1. Log in to
  2. Register… Enter a username, password and email address
  3. DONE!

Yup! That’s all that there is to it. You’ve now set up your own web page. Now comes the fun part. You’re going to choose a template for yourself from what’s available. They are really all attractive, and you’re sure to find something worthwhile to use. Then you’ll see some tabs on the top left side of the screen. When you click on these, you’ll see various images appear on the right next to these tabs. These images allow you to enter text on your page, to insert a picture, a file, a video etc. You can choose a layout of one column, or two (or even three if you’re really smart!)

Snap, Snap – just like that – and you’ve got a simple page going. You can also add pages and set up tabs on your page so that users can navigate easily through your page. One page might have information about yourself. Another might have a contact form for users to contact you. Another may have contact details for users to find out more about the different modes to be in touch with you (eg. Facebook, Twitter, your landline, your cellphone, your blog address, your dog’s blog address (in case yours is offline for some reason), your LinkedIn details, even your email address! And of course anywhere else where you want people to contact you – just let them know. It will be hard to stay away from the public’s eye once you’re done!

Once you’ve done your pages, you’ll click on the Publish button and Weebly will make sure you’re all set up for millions of people to see. Get to choose your very own name for your site as well. Make it descriptive and easy – so that others will be able to find you quickly!

Does this seem too hard for you? Be in touch and let me know what difficulties you’re having.

While you’re at it, see what I do in more detail, and how I have used Weebly to promote my own work:

You’ll see, I’ve used the exact same techniques I’ve described in this short article, to design my page, put in images, files, divider bars, columns, tabs, contact details etc.

It really is this easy!

Once you have your page up – you’re good to go, and let everyone else know what you can offer them. Isn’t that what this course is all about? Using every available resource we can (free of course!) to let others know of our talents and products, and make some serious sales!

By the way, for those of you who may not have created your blog yet, here’s some great news! You can publish a blog right inside Weebly too! You’ll see the option listed once you get started.

Want to learn more? See this video:


Purchase a book

to help you understand more about webpage design.
Click on image to see just one of the many books available,
and start reading up more about how to create simple,
attractive and prosperous webpages.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Lesson 12: Screw It, Just Do It!


When one wishes to become great in something, one of the best ways of learning the ropes is to learn from those who have already succeeded in a particular field. We’re learning how the Internet can be used to generate wealth – but we need to also see the real people behind the financial success stories. More than this, by reading articles such as this which draw one to the right materials to work with – one is also using the Internet to generate wealth.

Richard Branson is known the world over for his financial success. In addition, he has done much good work in the area of helping others with the finance that he has. But, being a regular person just like the rest of us, he too has tackled life head on, going through a variety of his own tests. He wasn’t just born with all his wealth.

He has certainly been adventurous – taken risks, and leaped into doing things most of us might not dream of doing. But he has done it and made a financial success of it all. He has the distinct advantage over many in having worked through life himself – pulled all his resources together – and gone out and made a success – even if he never had anything before!

They say that copying another is the best form of flattery one can give the other. When it comes to making a financial success of our lives, we can all learn from those who have succeeded – and follow some of the paths they’ve taken.

There’s no need – of course – to do everything they have done. But, there is a need to see how they managed to work through their own struggles and see how they overcame them.

In this relatively short book, Richard Branson gives us the cut (without any additional unnecessary info) in how to simply go for it! How to see the skills one has – and how one should take what one has and move forwards doing the things one can – and make a success of one’s financial affairs, and one’s own life too.

It’s another MUST HAVE for those looking for a book to give them encouragement and super energy to get going – and make large amounts of wealth.

More than anything – love making money and love life. It’s all an adventure, and the more you’ll enjoy it all, the more successful you’ll be.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Lesson 11: Getting the Right Equipment. Kindle Your Fire!

So, we’re learning how to use the Internet to make money. Well, part of using the Internet is learning more about how using modern technology can improve our lives. We’re able to be more mobile, doing what we want to do, while the technology does the work for us! Okay – it’s true, we have to do *some* work too!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a tool I believe will help you in being more mobile, accessing information faster, keeping up with the times and a bunch of other things. Let’s call it the latest craze – or maybe it’s just one of the best devices of the century. I’d recommend it as a necessity in every household!

In the old days, you’d have to buy shelves and shelves in order to put your thousands of books upon them. Sure, you’ll be reading them all, and the books do a great job at impressing everyone just how knowledgeable you really are. But what about when you’re going on holiday, or just simply travelling? You can’t take all your books with you. And after all, you simply cannot afford to lose out on reading the latest. Whatever the latest is – that’s what’s going to help bring in an income, because others’ will be interested in that.

You’re going to need a portable bookshelf, one that you can take with you wherever you go. GREAT NEWS! It’s available, and it’s going to be a gadget you’re going to appreciate for a very long time!

Kindle is Amazon’s latest device, which allows you to download books, blogs, magazines and newspapers! All into the palm of your hand – literally! And what’s so great, is that the screen is a clearly visible one.

Imagine buying a book from your living room and having it delivered to you within a minute! This is Kindle! And after all, because we’re interested in creating wealth, we’re going to be doing a lot of reading. This site will review the best books to read in order to learn how better to use our talents to truly make financial success. In short, this is going to be your best buy yet – and it’s going to help you get access to books in just moments.

Wishing you much success!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Lesson 10: Networking with Real People... On and On... Forever and Ever... Endless Referrals


Having computer skills is one thing. Sometimes one finds oneself so taken in with a computer keyboard and screen that one can forget that there are real people behind these screens. That’s right! When communicating via Twitter and Facebook – and all the other wonderful tools on the Internet – one must keep in mind that the responses that come back to one are not coming from a robotic computer millions of miles away. And while we may all think back to the days of television programs such as “Knight Rider” with talking cars (and watches!) and the like, in the *real* world, our communication is happening with real people.

Who better to interact with than real people?! Who better to help than people just like ourselves? In fact that is exactly what the world is all about. It’s about interaction. It’s about being in touch with others, and helping them to achieve their goals in life. And of course, we continually hope – it’s about being in touch with others so that we can achieve our own goals too.

Imagine this scenario for a moment: David is talking to John. John has some 250 odd friends and family members that he knows. Some of them he speaks to regularly and others less frequently. Today, this figure might be far greater. With tools like Twitter, we could be setting up a network base of thousands of people who we can get to know personally. But on the whole John knows some 250 people.

When David tries to help John, John remembers the good deed he does for him and thinks well of him. So one day, when he’s talking to one of his 250 friends and family members, he tells them about David, “Jane… do you remember David the plumber?” he asks. She doesn’t recollect. “Actually he helped me with something the other day, he’s a terrific guy. You know, I’d highly recommend him!” WOW! The deals done!

David’s just been won over to Jane. But that’s not all, because Jane ALSO has 250 friends and contacts. So, of course, when the right moment comes, she’s going to let all her 250 contacts know all about David too!

Bob Burg is the Network king! He understands what it means to create good relationships with others, because he values every one of them and what they can offer to others. Bob believes that everyone has around 250 friends in their network of contacts. That basically translates to the fact, that when we get to know somebody else, we potentially get to know all their 250 friends as well. Now, one plumbing job may be good, but 250 jobs… that’s terrific!

Bob’s not just a great writer – or speaker. He’s the real thing in person too! His friendliness spills over in just about every conversation you’ll have with him. He is accessible in person and is basically “the real thing”. Why not jump onto Facebook right now and do a search for Bob and make him your friend. Do tell him that I (Eliyahu Shear) believe that he understands what networking is all about and am so excited by his ideas, that I’ve suggested you be in touch with him to.

He has written a number of best selling books that share the secrets of networking, making friends, and making things happen of their own accord. The short of being successful – and certainly financially successful, is that one just does what’s right and good. One tries to help others, and through this, one really ultimately helps oneself as well.

I’m a fan of Bob’s and I really recommend you read his book “Endless Referrals” (I have!) 

We’ve all got many years of good healthy living in front of us, and we best make sure that we make the right contacts to help support us in our choice of business. Bob believes it’s all about Endless Referrals. Once people start seeing what we can do for them, they’re going to recommend us to others. Ultimately, business will be coming in through so many channels, we will simply lose track of all the connections we’ve actually made!

Get on to it today. Purchase Bob’s book. Find him on Facebook, and tell him that apparently his networking ideas work, because here’s a fan of his who recommends his writing, his speaking, and Bob himself!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Lesson 9: Twitter - Tweet Tweet Tweet





By now, you should have a really good knowledge of tools that you’re using to generate income. They’re all free – and so you’re losing out on nothing more than some of your time to make a success of the skills you already have.

We learned earlier about using Facebook to network with family, friends and everyone around the world. It’s a great way to keep in touch and see what others are up to – and to share with them via photographs, short updates and posting on one’s own wall or others’.

Imagine if we could take the Facebook idea a little further. Making it a little more interactive? Let’s put it this way: Imagine being able to communicate with thousands of people in one second all around the world?! Imagine being able to tell them what you’re doing – whether you’ve just woken up, going to sleep (or already gone to sleep as many people will indicate), about to do the shopping, or have put up a great new post on your brand new blog (which of course has wonderful things for sale on it?!)

Twitter is the ultimate tool for getting your message out there to thousands of people in one second. Here’s how it works:

You’ll sign up for an account:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “Get Started”
  3. Enter your full name, a username, password (make sure it’s a good one) and email
  4. DONE!

Okay, from now on you’re going to log in to twitter when you go to

You’ll have to get some friends. Twitter will help you find some on Facebook if you like, or you might already know even one other person who’s already registered.

If so, you’re really already on your way to meeting the entire world! Once you’ve got one friend, you’ll be able to take a look at all of his/her friends, and add them to your list to. That means you’ll be able to follow them. Hopefully, being a good twitterbug himself, he’ll reciprocate and follow you too. In this way, you can generate thousands of followers. By the way, if you don’t know anyone, you’re welcome to start with me. Just look out for RebEliyahu, add me, and look at all my friends. Start working your way through my list and build up your own.

Now, you’re ready to get tweeting. It’s really simple. All you need to do is enter a sentence or two – no more than 140 characters (much like you’d SMS someone from your cellphone) and hit enter. BOOM! Your message has gone to everyone in your list – just like that!

Don’t just use Twitter to tell others about your business, although it’s great for this. Interact with others and talk to them about your life and theirs – and whatever else is on your mind! You’ll be surprised how many wonderful people are out there who are also interested in answering questions you might have – about anything in life! Who knows how much help you might end up getting about everything – at no absolutely no cost!

Feeling lonely?! Twitter is also an excellent way to meet so many new people all around the globe. You may end up making thousands of friends and become the next Mr. or Mrs. Popular!

If you need to send a message to just one person, just type in their name preceded by the “@” symbol. Send the message, and only that person will get that message.

It’s really a lot of fun and it’s so easy to use. Imagine now that you have a website or a blog with items you’re selling, services you’re offering and articles you’d like others to read. Once you’re on Twitter, you need only share a link with everyone on your list, and they’ll all be able to see what you’re up to.

Of course, as always, the more traffic you get to your site, the greater your chances are of making more sales – which means more for you. So give something to others, and see the magic effects of them giving something back to you.

If you’d like to read more about Twitter, get yourself a really great book.

You can see many more of these worthwhile and MUST HAVE’S at the ONLINE MILLIONAIRE STORE.

type in their name preceded by the "other person who'opping, or have put

Have questions? Contact

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lesson 8: Think and GROW RICH!!!


Our site is devoted to gaining the necessary tools to being successful financially. We’ve learned about a variety of tools that we can implement to use our skills to actively make money.

Another important part of being successful financially is to realise that we are actually deserving of this wealth. There is much to be said about getting one’s mind to think in the right direction to perceive wealth as a blessing – and that it should be used for blessed purposes. There is nothing wrong with having wealth, especially because we know what wonderful things we can do with it.

Many times, we feel or have been taught, that having wealth is something negative or the like. It’s only for “those people”. In truth, however, wealth is for everyone. When each of us is blessed with our own wealth, we are able to give much more to others and also express ourselves much better. In fact, without wealth, we cannot become close to what our true potential really is.

So, how do we go about thinking straight and seeing the value of having wealth? How do we get ourselves out of the mentality of thinking that we don’t actually need wealth to live?!

One such person who wrote on the subject in a most wonderful manner is Napoleon Hill. I’d like to suggest you get a hold of his wonderful book “Think and Grow Rich.”

Here’s a great video of the author speaking about how to generate wealth.

Looking forward to hearing from you, finding out how you are enjoying the lessons. Please send through questions and hopefully we will post some of these on this site as time goes on.


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