Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Lesson 10: Networking with Real People... On and On... Forever and Ever... Endless Referrals


Having computer skills is one thing. Sometimes one finds oneself so taken in with a computer keyboard and screen that one can forget that there are real people behind these screens. That’s right! When communicating via Twitter and Facebook – and all the other wonderful tools on the Internet – one must keep in mind that the responses that come back to one are not coming from a robotic computer millions of miles away. And while we may all think back to the days of television programs such as “Knight Rider” with talking cars (and watches!) and the like, in the *real* world, our communication is happening with real people.

Who better to interact with than real people?! Who better to help than people just like ourselves? In fact that is exactly what the world is all about. It’s about interaction. It’s about being in touch with others, and helping them to achieve their goals in life. And of course, we continually hope – it’s about being in touch with others so that we can achieve our own goals too.

Imagine this scenario for a moment: David is talking to John. John has some 250 odd friends and family members that he knows. Some of them he speaks to regularly and others less frequently. Today, this figure might be far greater. With tools like Twitter, we could be setting up a network base of thousands of people who we can get to know personally. But on the whole John knows some 250 people.

When David tries to help John, John remembers the good deed he does for him and thinks well of him. So one day, when he’s talking to one of his 250 friends and family members, he tells them about David, “Jane… do you remember David the plumber?” he asks. She doesn’t recollect. “Actually he helped me with something the other day, he’s a terrific guy. You know, I’d highly recommend him!” WOW! The deals done!

David’s just been won over to Jane. But that’s not all, because Jane ALSO has 250 friends and contacts. So, of course, when the right moment comes, she’s going to let all her 250 contacts know all about David too!

Bob Burg is the Network king! He understands what it means to create good relationships with others, because he values every one of them and what they can offer to others. Bob believes that everyone has around 250 friends in their network of contacts. That basically translates to the fact, that when we get to know somebody else, we potentially get to know all their 250 friends as well. Now, one plumbing job may be good, but 250 jobs… that’s terrific!

Bob’s not just a great writer – or speaker. He’s the real thing in person too! His friendliness spills over in just about every conversation you’ll have with him. He is accessible in person and is basically “the real thing”. Why not jump onto Facebook right now and do a search for Bob and make him your friend. Do tell him that I (Eliyahu Shear) believe that he understands what networking is all about and am so excited by his ideas, that I’ve suggested you be in touch with him to.

He has written a number of best selling books that share the secrets of networking, making friends, and making things happen of their own accord. The short of being successful – and certainly financially successful, is that one just does what’s right and good. One tries to help others, and through this, one really ultimately helps oneself as well.

I’m a fan of Bob’s and I really recommend you read his book “Endless Referrals” (I have!) 

We’ve all got many years of good healthy living in front of us, and we best make sure that we make the right contacts to help support us in our choice of business. Bob believes it’s all about Endless Referrals. Once people start seeing what we can do for them, they’re going to recommend us to others. Ultimately, business will be coming in through so many channels, we will simply lose track of all the connections we’ve actually made!

Get on to it today. Purchase Bob’s book. Find him on Facebook, and tell him that apparently his networking ideas work, because here’s a fan of his who recommends his writing, his speaking, and Bob himself!

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